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International Convention Center La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Customs Service Building for Inspection of Cargo at Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Bimbo Distribution Center

Bimbo Distribution Center

The largest and most modern distribution center for Breading Industry in the world, built in Mexico City for distribution in Mexico City´s Metropolitan Area and the Center and South of the country. We built the foundations (cast in place bored piles), footings, slabs on grade and civil works, consisting of 512 casts in place bore piles averaging 11 meters in depth, shallow foundations, slab on grade, retaining walls, and earthworks

The 34,000 square meter slab accommodates operations of automated picking, handling, and stacking equipment. The slab was made with approx. 6,000 m3 of structural concrete and the rest of civil works with approx 7,000 m3 of structural concrete. The project required approx 4,900 metric tons of structural steel.

Parking Garage #5- Elgin St. at University of Houston

Parking Garage #5- Elgin St. at University of Houston

A new five-story, 785,000 SF pre-cast parking garage containing 2,500 parking spaces for students and visitors. The garage is located at the corner of Entrance 18 and Elgin Street in the Arts District. 

Waffle House

Waffle House

We have completed over 50+ locations throughout the United States for this client as the general contractor. We self-performed all civil portions as well as structural steel erection.

Acres Homes Multi-Service Center Renovation

Acres Homes Multi-Service Center Renovation

This includes a 6 phase renovation of a multi-service center for the City of Houston. The project scope included the installation of a new fire sprinkler system and fire alarm, demo and installation of new lighting fixtures (upgraded to LED), repaint of the entire facility (both interior and exterior), installation of a new 10′ monument clock, power washing, re-striping the parking lot, replacement of all adjacent sidewalks, and updating/replacing a marquee sign and monument sign.

Satellite Underground Food Court

Satellite Underground Food Court

This was a full rehabilitation and restoration of several vendors including Taco Bell. This was an emergency disaster project that had substantial flooding and mold damage. All interior parts of the building needed to be rebuilt as well as electrical components.


Prison Infraestructure

Penitentiary Infraestructure

PPP-type project consisting of two high-security prisons for the Penitentiary System consisting of two vertical towers with four floors each, next to the North Prison, in the Gustavo A. Madero Delegation. They have state-of-the-art technology in terms of security and protection to house 1,500 inmates. There is a rainwater collection system, gray water treatment for reuse in green areas, solar heaters.

High Court of Justice - Oral Trial Building

High Court of Justice – Oral Trial Building

The first building built in Mexico for Oral Trial Chambers for non-serious crimes for the Superior Court of Justice of the Federal District. The building that houses the new penal chambers was built on a surface of 2,889 m2, with a total construction area of ​​51,003 m2. Includes parking on 6 half-basement levels, Ground Floor (lobby and entrances), and a 13-level Tower. The Foundation consists of cast-in-place bore piles, diaphragm walls, and a concrete slab. Composite structure. Top-Down type foundation, made with cast in place bored piles with a depth of 40 meters and a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall on the perimeter. 50,000 m3 of excavation; foundation slab 1.50 meters thick; 35,000 m2 of construction; 6,500 Tons of structural steel.

Senate Building Mexico

Senate Building – Mexico

Construction and supply, of all equipment and furniture, and commissioning of the new legislative precinct of the Chamber of Senators, located in the center of Mexico City. The foundation system consists of cast-in-place bore piles up to a 53-meter depth and a diaphragm of reinforced concrete. The excavation and construction of the underground parking was a Top-Down procedure, slab on the grade of 2 meters in thickness. The buildings are composite structures that sit on a 4 level underground parking for 1,500 vehicles; and they are a 16-level Tower, the Plenary of the Senate, and a 6-level office building. All equipment, utilities, and furniture were supplied and installed. 9,053 m2 of lot surface, 74,724 m2 of construction surface. The underground water level is just 3 meters in depth. Foundations and underground parking were built using a Top-Down procedure, excavation up to 21 meters in the depth of 180,000 m3 of dirt. 21,758 m2 of diaphragm wall up to 33 m. de deep; 150 casts in place bore piles up to 51 m deep. Slab on grade 2.0 meter thickness. More than 80,000 m3 of reinforced concrete and 16,000 ton of structural steel.

State Government Central Office - Acapulco, Guerrero

State Government Central Office – Acapulco, Guerrero

In an attempt to reinterpret the modern architecture of the ’50s in Acapulco, the project is made up of a superposition of “box” elements. Each box is a dependency. Through the overlapping system, different terraces generate that function as waiting and circulation areas. The entire system sits on seismic isolators and the building is protected by a large roof with solar cells that is responsible for collecting water and generating energy. At the same time, this great element protects it from rain, wind, and sun. Both the configuration of the offices and the large roof generate different shaded spaces that, together with the vegetation, help maintain the temperature of the offices and outdoor spaces at a comfortable temperature, considerably reducing the consumption of air conditioning inside the building.

Chancellors Office Flooring and Carpet Replacement

Chancellors Office Flooring and Carpet Replacement

The carpet selected for installation was identical to the carpet in the governor’s office and was a specialized installation and order. Time constraints were critical as there was high-security clearance and required our team to perform after hours.

Sidewalk improvement project

Sidewalk Improvement Project

We expanded over 2 miles of sidewalks by bringing them to ADA compliance which included handicap ramps and sidewalk widths provisions.


Hotel Viva Wyndham, Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Viva Wyndham, Vallarta

An All-Inclusive resort situated on 15 acres in the Costa Banderas complex consists of 355 air-conditioned rooms.

Viva Maya Hotel Playacar

Hotel Viva Wyndham, Playa del Carmen

An All-Inclusive resort located in the Playacar complex at Quintana Roo.

Viva Azteca Playacar Hotel

Hotel Viva Wyndham Azteca, Playa del Carmen

An All-Inclusive resort situated in the Playacar complex at Quintana Roo.

Hacienda Beach Hotel Los Cabos

Hotel Hacienda Beach, Los Cabos

A Five Star resort situated in Medano Beach at Los Cabos, Baja California.